Interstellar first saw the light in 2021, when CEO Maarten van Montfoort (1976), CFO Remy Cuny (1976-2023) and CTO David Schaap (1974) launched a collection of six established and ambitious, on-the-rise IT companies.

The newly-founded collection had a simple, yet bold ambition: to become the most relevant IT-company in the Netherlands. That entrepreneurial, ambitious rocket needed fuel to reach the stars, and Dutch independent investment company Quadrum Capital was the perfect match to provide it. They believed in the bold mission Interstellar stood for and have fueled our entrepreneurial ambition since the very beginning. To achieve its mission of becoming the most relevant IT-partner in the Netherlands, Interstellar chose a unique model. It enhanced a powerful group of IT Managed Services Providers (MSPs) with the expert capabilities of specialized IT-companies in cybersecurity (Pinewood, DataExpert), Microsoft cloud (SCCT), and platform solutions (Fundaments). They called this ecosystem “The Interstellar Collection”. Just as you would with fine art or jewelry, they reasoned, bringing the unique, individual parts of the collection together would create valuable combinations tailored to every client’s unique needs. The collection-model really meant 1+1 would equal 3.

The Interstellar collection

In 3 years Maarten, through his extensive experience in buy-and-build strategy, further developed the collection into a 12-label strong group of IT companies. We achieved our primary goals to gain both regional and national presence in the Netherlands by scaling autonomous growth and executing an ambitious M&A-strategy.


Platform organisation

After reaching the critical mass we had envisioned through our 3-year expansion plan, it was time to create a powerful platform organization that could empower the next-level ambitions we had for the following 3-year cycle. To this end, the executive team was strengthened with the expertise and experience of Niels Batstra (CFO, 1972) and Christie Eijkelkamp (COO, 1974). From 2024, Interstellar has integrated its existing MSP-portfolio into a monobrand with national coverage and the scale to compete and serve clients at the top of the market.


The companies that were successfully integrated into Interstellar as of 2024 are: AskRoger!, CSN Group, DataByte, Datamex, Exite, Qconferencing, SCCT and Solimas. Within the Interstellar Group, Fundaments and Pinewood remain autonomous and strategic partners that continue to add value to both Interstellar’s clients and their own. Stronger together, to help organizations and people thrive in the world of tomorrow!

We are Interstellar.

Welcome to our universe.

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