Kredietbank Limburg Awards IT Management to Interstellar

01.07.2024 • 5 min read

Delft, June 13, 2024 - Managed Service Provider Interstellar has been chosen through a public European tender to fully outsource the ICT infrastructure of Kredietbank Limburg (KBL).

Coordination Role

Kredietbank Limburg comes into play when people face financial problems they cannot resolve on their own. The organization helps them solve these issues and prevent them from escalating. The increasingly complex ICT environment plays a crucial role in this. KBL aims to outsource the management and optimization of its ICT environment to focus on further developing there services and maintaining control over its developments.

From Network to Managed ICT Services

Interstellar’s services for KBL include the delivery, implementation, management, and maintenance of the ICT environment, which consists of:

  • Networks and connections
  • Data centers and servers
  • Virtual workplace concept
  • Physical workplaces and peripherals
  • Applications and licenses
  • Managed ICT services

Ambition to Help More People Faster

KBL aims to assist more people and speed up the process. KBL intends to achieve this by developing a plan with residents to help them become financially self-sufficient. This requires extensive ICT support from KBL. Interstellar will manage these systems, allowing KBL to focus on its core mission. Together, KBL and Interstellar will further develop the ICT environment to better support KBL employees, enabling them to focus entirely on their clients.


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Contact Person

Maartje van Oeveren, PR Specialist

About Interstellar

Interstellar aims to be the most relevant IT service provider in the Netherlands. It strongly believes in achieving progress with future-proof IT for a better world. A future where its IT services make a daily difference for customers and employees. Interstellar aims to achieve this by acquiring the right knowledge and expertise and continuously developing its competencies, both autonomously and through acquisitions.

Interstellar supports its customers in productivity, platforms, and security. Founded in 2021 from the portfolio of investment company Quadrum Capital, it now operates with over 800 employees from eleven locations nationwide. With a focus on medium-sized organizations and institutions, Interstellar makes IT environments better and more stable, enabling organizations to become more innovative and successful in achieving their goals. For more information, visit Interstellar.


About Kredietbank Limburg

Kredietbank Limburg is a joint scheme of the municipalities of Brunssum, Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Maastricht, and Sittard-Geleen, providing assistance to residents with debts. The Kredietbank’s headquarters are in Geleen, with branches in Geleen, Kerkrade, and Maastricht. They assist people with debts who cannot manage on their own, helping them address financial problems before they escalate. Their mission: to provide a perspective on financial security.

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