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BIM Workspace in Azure

Construction organizations are today looking for innovative solutions to shorten the project cycle, reduce costs, and strengthen collaboration between different partners in the construction chain.

  • Centralize all BIM data and design applications for optimal accessibility and security.
  • Eliminate expensive hardware; work device-independently with high performance.
  • Scalable platform for flexible, cost-saving digital workspaces tailored to your needs.
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BIM Workplace

Your BIM process optimally supported by IT

Digitization in construction is a challenge when data is stored in silos and systems are linked to fixed locations. Take advantage of the opportunities for improved collaboration, efficiency, increased productivity, scalability, and a high level of security with a cloud-based Building Information Modeling (BIM) workplace.

Construction companies need a flexible workspace that is always available and enables mobile working. Transform the way construction projects are managed and executed with a dedicated IT platform for all BIM data and design applications. Integrate all your BIM applications into one cloud-based environment. Always and everywhere access to data and tools via your browser. No more expensive hardware needed.

BIM Workspace is a virtual BIM workspace where everyone within a construction project can collaborate quickly and securely. Give professionals access to the right BIM data and design applications and work device- and platform-independently! Because all data is collected in one place, risks are reduced and intellectual property remains protected.

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Support all aspects of the BIM process. BIM Workspace is the solution for modern construction projects that strive for efficiency in the process, realization of cost savings, and high-quality output.

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Benefits of BIM Workspace

Benefits of digital Construction with BIM
Icon_50px-Manage Data Centralization

All BIM data and design applications remain in one place, increasing accessibility and security.

Icon_50px-Time Cost Saving

Reduce IT costs by dynamically scaling workstations depending on project phases.

Icon_50px-Innovate Improved Outcomes

With a single source of truth, you increase the chance of accurate communications and successful results.

Icon_50px-Hour Device Independent Operation

Execute heavy graphic applications with the same performance as on advanced heavy-duty workstations without the need for expensive hardware.

Icon_50px-Inspire Ultimate Scalability

Flexibly add or remove digital workstations tailored to the needs of each project.

Seamless Collaboration

Smoothly collaborate with partners and teams regardless of location with real-time access to all BIM data. BIM Workspace is compatible with leading BIM applications and software partners.

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Maximum Security

Safely share data and applications with other supply chain partners during a construction project without compromising your agility or resilience. Protect your intellectual property with the robust security measures of BIM Workspace in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

BIM in Azure

Discover How We Modernize Your Construction Process

Single Sign-On

Users only need to log in once to access all applications. This increases ease of use for colleagues and improves security and efficiency in the work environment.

Single sign on Security

Real-Time Updates

Always have the latest version of documents on hand. When everyone has access to the same current information, errors are prevented and your chance of success is increased.

BIM Construction Platform

Innovative Ecosystem

Thanks to our technology partners like Microsoft and Nvidia, you have access to the latest tools and applications. This puts you at the forefront of innovative working in the construction sector.

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