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Optimize Customer contact

Customer Contact Center

Customer contact managers, service desk agents and COO’s share one common goal: delivering an excellent customer experience. However, managing customer contact, monitoring satisfaction, and meeting customer expectations pose challenges.

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Optimize customer contact

A Customer Contact Center in Microsoft Teams provides an integrated solution for managing customer interactions from one central hub. This allows employees to communicate via various channels, such as chat, phone, and video and access tools for conversation management, routing and reporting.

A customer contact system in Microsoft Teams ensures an optimal experience for both the customer and the service desk. Optimize your customer contact and meet the increasingly high demands of your customers. Centralizing communication in one system also increases productivity.

Modern customer service is about being available anytime, anywhere and across different channels and knowing exactly what’s happening with the customer. With CRM integration, you have an overview of who you’re talking to in one click, preventing long waiting times and dissatisfied customers.

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Create the ultimate customer experience with an integrated solution for customer interactions. Customer Contact Center in Microsoft Teams is the solution for customer contact and delivers organizations an advanced, comprehensive, and flexible CCC facility.


The benefits of a Customer Contact system in Microsoft Teams

Customer Care system - advantages
Icon_50px-Innovate Unified Communications

All communications - including telephony, webchat, WhatsApp and video calls - in a single interface, no more Shadow/Silo IT.

Icon_50px-Inspire Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty

Serve the customer in a way and time that suits them and help them immediately with the right information at hand.

Icon_50px-implement Flexible

Designed to grow with you! Add new users, configure phone lines and supplement functionalities to meet changing needs.

Icon_50px-Hour Hybrid

Work location and time independent, the ideal remote work tool.

Icon_50px-Manage Compliance

Complies with GDPR legislation, as everything happens within Teams.

CRM Integration

Direct access to customer data and interaction history, easy information sharing and personalized service. More efficient workflows and improved customer interactions through a complete overview.

CRM integration - Customer Relationship Management

Omnichannel Communications

Support customers on various communication channels. Let the customer choose the channel that suits them best, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Omnichannel Communication

Customer contact system with certainty

Automated workflows

Automate workflows for routine tasks, such as handling frequently asked questions and creating tickets for further follow-up. Increase efficiency and reduce the workload on employees.

Workflow Automation - Customer Care

Advanced analytics and reporting

Comprehensive analysis capabilities and reporting tools that provide insight into customer interactions, employee performance and customer satisfaction. Optimize processes and improve customer engagement.

Advanced Analytics


Easily scalable to meet the needs of your business. Whether you’re growing, downsizing or expanding internationally.

Customer Contact Center

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Need a Customer Contact System with smart routing, CRM integration and more for an optimal customer experience?

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