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Teams Calling with Microsoft Teams

Seamless communication, efficient business processes and optimal customer engagement. In an ideal world, these elements are perfectly balanced. But in today’s hybrid work culture, it can be quite a challenge.

Hybrid work culture

Advanced contemporary telephony

Telephony is an essential part of every organization’s communication strategy, but can also hinder productivity and efficiency. Centralize communication, streamline processes, and increase customer satisfaction with Microsoft Teams Phone.

An advanced telephony solution fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. Users make calls, receive calls, and conduct telephone meetings within the familiar Teams interface. The work-life balance is in optimal state, because although you are mobile accessible, you decide when.

With a background in telecom, we understand the challenges your organization faces with traditional telephony better than anyone. Whether it’s solving Shadow and SILO IT, legacy IT, compliance issues, or ensuring future-proofing, we ensure the solution fits your organization.

The benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone

Business Telephony - Teams Phone
Icon_50px-Innovate Unified Communications

All communications - including chat, video and telephony - in a single interface, no more Shadow/Silo IT.

Icon_50px-Job Enhanced collaboration

By integrating Microsoft 365 apps such as Outlook and SharePoint, you maintain control over important documents and resources.

Icon_50px-implement Flexible

Designed to grow with you! Add new users, configure phone lines and supplement functionalities to meet changing needs.

Icon_50px-Hour Hybrid

Work location and time independent, the ideal remote work tool.

Icon_50px-Manage Compliance

Complies with GDPR legislation, as everything happens within Teams.

Cloud-based Telephony

Teams Phone functions as a cloud-based telephone exchange. Physical PBX systems are a thing of the past. Save on maintenance costs and hardware investments.

Cloud-based Teams Phone

Global accessibility

With Teams Phone, employees can place and receive calls from any location, as long as they have an internet connection. Crucial in a times of employees are working remotely.

Microsoft Teams - Application

Want to know how we keep you accessible?

Number retention

Retain existing phone numbers during the transition and ease the transition for users and customers.

Number retention - Teams Phone

Flexible Call Routing

Advanced call routing and answering group options, so calls are efficiently managed and forwarded to the right person or group.

Smart Call Routing

Analysis and Reporting

Comprehensive call analysis and reporting capabilities, for optimal insightS in call behavior and communication system performance.

Teams Phone - communication system


Maintain existing telecom providers by integrating with the telephony infrastructure with Direct Routing.

Direct Routing - Microsoft Teams

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Smart customer communication from the Cloud with business telephony via Microsoft Teams Phone.

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