Interstellar and Axelio Join Forces

05.03.2024 • 6 min read

Delft, March 5, 2024 - Interstellar and Axelio proudly announce a strategic collaboration. IT service provider Interstellar and Axelio, the parent company of four leading IT companies, are now even better positioned to enhance the agility and resilience of their clients. The Microsoft-first strategy of both companies also contribute to this synergy.

Putting the Customer First

With specializations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ERP, Modern Workplace and the Power Platform Suite, Axelio’s activities seamlessly complement those of Interstellar. Interstellar focuses on Security, Infrastructure and Business Productivity within the Microsoft suite. Through this strategic collaboration, Interstellar is able to support clients better in the CRM and ERP domains, while Axelio has the ideal partner to serve its clients in Data and Security.

Axelio uses its in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP for medium-sized organizations.

Maarten van MontfoortCEO

Maarten van Montfoort, CEO of Interstellar, explains the collaboration: “Axelio will take the clients served by Interstellar in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP domains under its wing. We see this transfer of responsibilities as a strategic move to enhance and ensure customer experience. We are confident that our clients will benefit from Axelio’s specialized knowledge and innovative solutions.”

Frank van der Woude, CEO of Axelio, sees the collaboration as a significant step to offer Interstellar’s clients an even broader range of solutions and services: “Axelio will leverage its deep expertise and experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP for medium-sized organizations. It’s fantastic to see Interstellar and Axelio joining forces to jointly offer a unique proposition to the Dutch market.”

The collaboration between Interstellar and Axelio strengthens the position of both organizations as progressive partners constantly striving to optimize customer experience and provide tailor-made solutions.

About Axelio

Axelio is a group of Microsoft partners that assists companies with the digitalization of their businesses by leveraging the combined strength of specialized firms. With expertise in Microsoft solutions and experience in specific industries, they help organizations make choices and offer solutions to realize their ambitions. With more than 120 employees operating from 6 locations, Axelio accelerates the success of over 400 clients. Axelio accelerates. For more information, visit

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